YTP Newsletter – Q2 2021

President’s Address

Hi everyone and welcome to another edition of YTP’s quarterly newsletter. I hope you enjoyed learning more about YTP, our Committee membersthe wide world of transport and are looking forward to another update! 

Since our inaugural newsletter release in January, the YTP Committee…continue reading.

A day in the life with…
Emma Miller-Olsen, Operations Manager for Regional Roads Victoria

The second guest to feature on our ‘A day in the life’ segment is Professional Engineer of the Year 2020 Victoria, Emma Miller-Olsen, the Operations Manager for Regional Roads Victoria (DoT), who is one of our valued industry partners.

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A minute on Cybersecurity
from Membership Coordinator Andrew Chan

Transport operations are being shaped by the accelerated developments in technology and the realized benefits of the Internet and data. The challenge lies in achieving a digital transformation without jeopardizing the operational safety or exposing it to security vulnerabilities, all while addressing cybersecurity concerns and being cyber resilient.  …read more. 

Get to know the YTP Committee

This quarter, get to know a little more about the Communications Coordinator, Michael Greenwood (MG);  Digital Coordinator, Russell Oliver (RO); and Treasurer, Adnan Alam (AA).

Michael currently works as Digital Engagement Coordinator for ARTC; Russell is currently an Integration Engineer with MTM and Rail Systems Alliance; and Adnan is an Electrical Design Engineer at MTM.

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Events recap
from Events Coordinators Caroline Lieu and Edward Wright

Read about YTP’s latest and upcoming events including our YTP Christmas Trivia, Downer Webinar series and 7th Annual Lawn Bowls here.