YTP Newsletter – Q1 2021

We are very pleased to bring you the inaugural newsletter from the Young Transport Professionals Committee! This will be a space for us to share news and updates with our wider membership, and provide valuable industry insights catered to young professionals.

Going forward, we are planning to send out a newsletter every quarter, and will include regular features such as the President’s Address, Events Recap, and articles written by the Committee.

We also want to continue our mission of “connecting the next generation of transport leaders”, so if you have any suggestions for articles or would like to submit a piece of your own please get in touch.

We hope you enjoy our first newsletter!

President’s Address

For those who do not know me, my name is Anita Rai and I have been nominated as President of the Young Transport Professionals (YTP) for the financial year 2020/2021 (FY20/21). I’ve been involved with YTP for almost 2 years now, first as a member in 2018 and then joining the Committee last year as Communications Coordinator …continue reading on our website

Ask Me Anything (AMA)
with Amy Lezala, Engineering Manager for Metro Trains Melbourne

The first guest to feature on our Ask Me Anything segment is Engineers Australia’s 2020 Young Professional Engineer of the Year Victoria, Amy Lezala, the Engineering Manager for Metro Trains Melbourne, who is one of our valued industry partners.

Visit our website to watch the video.

Industry News
The 2020-21 Federal Budget included a large focus on infrastructure

The Treasurer delivered the Federal Budget on 6 October 2020 and among the highlights found in the plan is a large portion earmarked for infrastructure and transportation across the country.

The budget delivered significant infrastructure spending across Australia …continue reading on our website

Get to know the YTP Committee

This quarter, get to know a little more about YTP Secretary, James Aloi (JA), and YTP Membership Coordinator, Andrew Chan (AC).

James currently works as a Traffic Engineer at Cardno while Andrew is a Development Engineer at Siemens Mobility.

Visit our website to find out more

Events Recap
from Events Coordinators Caroline Lieu and Edward Wright

The 2020-21 financial year started off with some great professional and networking events. Despite limitations brought on by social distancing, we have endured, and it has been a pleasure organising different events for our members and exploring new ways to engage with the industry.

LXRP Forum
The Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) forum on the evolution of the project was an interesting and informative session. The panel discussion was very engaging and covered an array of different topics. It was great to see the panellists were willing to give their honest opinions of the project and what they thought contributed to its success.

Virtual Coffee Catch-ups
A new initiative rolled out in light of social distancing, coffee catch-ups are a great way for fellow members to catch-up with one another, while also meeting new members and extending their network. We have enjoyed putting on these events with our members and facilitating discussion as it has allowed the Committee to continue to connect with members.

YTP-GYCRS Collaborative Event
This was one of our first collaborative events with another similar organisation – Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety. The evening focused on road safety and what young people and the community can do to ensure roads remain safe. The event was a success and there was plenty of discussion from our panellists and the audience.


Future Events