Three Women, Three Careers, Three Questions: Georgina Mahony

Introducing Georgina Mahony… 

Georgina is a founding Director of Ediom with over 20 years of experience in the delivery of major infrastructure projects including rail, roads, water treatment and airports. She specialises in Design and Engineering Management of integrated teams for large multi-discipline transport projects having lead teams of up to 250 people. She places a heavy emphasis on forming collaborative teams that foster a positive team culture whilst simultaneously driving value and delivery outcomes. Georgina has recently received the 2021 NAWIC Victoria Award for Outstanding Achievement as a Businesswoman. Projects include EastLink, Regional Rail, Komo Airport and Level Crossing Removal Programs.

 Question 1: What would you say has been your greatest professional achievement?  

Whilst it seems a very cliché answer, I’m not sure I have just one! I am proud of a range of achievements in my career based on my experience and role at the time. On reflection, moments I am most proud of tend to involve navigating challenge or change.  Leading teams from 2 to 250 people to deliver outcomes has been incredibly rewarding as has the delivery of technically complex projects in rail, roads and aviation. If I had to name one, it would be starting Ediom three years ago as it ties together all aspects of what drives me and it has been very satisfying (and terrifying!) to build something from the ground up.

Question 2:  What would be your best piece of advice for a female considering joining the transport industry?  

You’ll love it! And the reason I can say that with confidence is there is no single defined career path in the transport industry, hence there really is something for everybody. Take the opportunity to learn more about the various roles, sectors, projects and organisations – nothing works as well as talking to people who work in transport to understand what is out there and what might work for you. In my experience, people are incredibly generous with their time and more than willing to connect you to others.  

Question 3:  Is there anything you would change about the transport industry, and why have you decided to stick around?  

A few years ago, I was giving a small presentation and I was asked why I like what I do. I responded with some general words about problem-solving and working with people etc before a very wise woman (who was well over 80!) stopped me and suggested that ultimately, I like it because my work allows me to feel I am reaching my full potential.  These very savvy words best sum up why I stick around. I do love problem solving and working with teams in a very dynamic environment but ultimately I love that I am constantly learning from incredibly smart people around me and hopefully able to add value back to others with my own experiences.  

In terms of change, I would love to see growth in diversity of thought at the leadership level in transport projects whether that be background, ethnicity, skills, gender or age. This should in turn lead to different ways of tackling problems and attracting more women and men from across society into the industry. As an engineer, one of the reasons I started Ediom was to try to change the way engineers communicate technical issues to stakeholders to drive solutions that consider compliance, people, systems, legacy and value more effectively.