YTP Panel Discussion at Aurecon: Technological Innovation Disrupting the Transport Industry

My name is Jordan Hannagan, and I have recently been nominated to the position of YTP Events Coordinator. Over the next year, my aim is to organise exciting and engaging events for our members, which I hope will create great networking opportunities while also providing insight into the current happenings of the transport industry.

A fortnight ago, we held our first event as a new committee in conjunction with Aurecon. The focus of this panel-style discussion was technological innovation disrupting the transport industry. We were joined by:

  • Aaron Belbasis – Computational Design Specialist from Aurecon
  • Sinead Collins – Principle Structures Engineer and Digital Champion at Rail Projects Victoria
  • Lauren Beattie – Senior Strategic Planner with the City of Melbourne
  • Marcus Morrison, Manager Control Systems Software at Metro Trains Melbourne

Our panellists were led in an insightful discussion by facilitator Mark Roberts, Technical Director at Aurecon.

The panellists highlighted the importance of data, explaining how it should be treated as an asset, how data-driven approaches are streamlining project delivery and how data can be used to monitor and improve the performance of a busy suburban rail network. They also touched on how disruptive technologies are impacting the transport landscape, such as how companies like Uber have changed the way we get around and what impact those changes will have on future transport planning.

As the future leaders of the transport industry, members of YTP will be the driving force for adopting innovative digital strategies, and being ready to embrace exciting new technologies. With such big changes transforming the way the transport industry operates, it’s certainly an exciting time to be in transport.

Special thanks to Nichelle Naluz from Aurecon for her assistance in organising the event, and to our expert panellists for offering their time!

If you are interested in learning more about how new, exciting technology is being used to support a data focused approach to transport, read about how Transport for NSW are applying the Internet of Things to passenger and asset data collection here.

We’re committed to connecting young people in transport, and to help achieve that we’re always planning new events. We’ve got another event coming up shortly with Downer, and we’re in the early stages of organising some exciting events for early next year. Of course, stay tuned for an invite to our annual lawn bowls event, which will kick-off a year of great events. We’re always on the lookout for event speakers and interested to hear about exciting new event formats. If you’d like to hear from a particular expert, have an event idea or would like to provide feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

We’ll see you at Downer on Thursday 15 November, otherwise I look forward to meeting you at our next event.