Past Events

Systems Engineering in Major Transport Projects

September 2019

The YTP kicked off the 2019/2020 financial year with a panel discussion sponsored and hosted by Advisian. Attendees from over 20 companies gathered to network and hear a panel of four subject matter experts discuss systems engineering and its application within major transport projects.

Faciliator David Ramsdale (Advisian) and speakers John Nasr (Advisian), Emma-Rose Tildesley (KPMG), Marcus Chadwick (Rail Projects Victoria) and Alexandra Morey (Rail Projects Victoria) were able to provide insights on the origins of systems engineering methodology – developed by NASA for the Apollo program! – as well as how its principles are applied. A message unanimous across the panel was that systems engineering principles are integral to the success of any project. With the staggering pipeline of major transport projects occurring in Victoria, the panellists agreed that all industries must maintain a systems engineering mindset throughout entire project lifecycles if we are to achieve satisfactory outcomes.

Environment and Sustainability

November 2018

Hosted at Downer’s central offices in the Melbourne CBD, over 50 members took the opportunity to attend three interactive workshops followed by a pizza-filled networking. During the event, members learned about achieving environmental certification for HCMT from Ellese O’Sullivan, constructing the HCMT maintenance depot in Pakenham East by Ross Brookshaw and how virtual reality (VR) technology is being used to improve maintenance and training practices in transport by Mike Ayling and students from Swinburne University.

Technological Innovation Disrupting the Transport Industry

September 2018

A panel discussion focusing on technological innovation disrupting the transport industry, attended by over 80 young professionals, hosted and sponsored by Aurecon.

Thanks to Aurecon, our panellists Aaron Belbasis, Sinead Collins, Lauren Beattie and Marcus Morrison. Our panellists were led in an insightful discussion by facilitator Mark Roberts.  The panellists highlighted the importance of data, streamlining project delivery and how disruptive technologies are impacting the transport landscape.

The Future of Intermodal Freight

July 2018

YTP members heard from Austin Kennedy, AECOM about freight investment in the Asia Pacific and Brad Richards, Transport for Victoria about the freight task, and how Victoria can best plan, develop and integrate local transport and freight networks.  A huge thank you to our speakers and sponsor AECOM.

Battle of the cities

April 2018

Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) and Metro Trains Australia (MTA) hosted the YTP’s first panel discussion. Members heard from Nick Dickinson, Chief People and Performance Office at MTA, who spoke about the current global investment in public transport around the world and how Australia is tracking in it’s two biggest cities. The panel discussion consisted of a good discussion of the works and current projects helping to shape the two cities, and consisted of MTA’s Vickie Steward, Strategic Growth Projects Advisor, MTM’s Nick Pelham, General Manager of Strategic Asset Management and MTM’s Huw Millichip, General Manager Network Develop and Integration.



February 2018

Metro Trains Melbourne continue to host the annual lawn bowls networking event, which have been a great way for members to network with one another and have a healthy competition with one another.


November 2017

Advisian hosted the YTP’s final quarterly forum for the year, where we explored the importance of safety in transport. Members heard from speakers Jodie Talone, Director of Rail Safety, Transport Safety Victoria, and Advisian’s Ellery Salida, Senior Associate – Strategic Transport Advisory, who explored safety through a planning and regulatory lens.


September 2017

Professionals Australia hosted the YTP’s third forum for 2017, which explored the topic of ‘Future Cities’. With Melbourne’s population expected to grow to over 5 million people by 2030, we will all play a crucial part in shaping the way the city will look, feel and function over the next decade.


June 2017

AECOM hosted the YTP’s second forum for 2017, which explored the topic of ‘Career Progression’. Members heard from Nicole Stoddart, Managing Director, Construction Services – AECOM and Damian Brizzi, Deputy Director, Rail Infrastructure and Wider Networks – Melbourne Metro Rail Link Authority.

Network Management

March 2017

Metro Trains Melbourne hosted the YTP’s first forum for 2017 with support from VicRoads. The forum explored the topic of ‘Network Management’, and members heard from John Merritt, CEO – VicRoads and John Gaffney, Manager, Network Optimisation – VicRoads. As well as hearing the insights of key speakers, members were also given the opportunity to tour the VicRoads Network Control Centre.