Mary Jane Lewis Foundation Networking Event

On Monday 5th September, Evelyn and Caitlin from the Young Transport Professionals committee were invited to speak at a Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation networking event.

The Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation provides support for young women in achieving undergraduate qualifications as there are still many young women in our community today who simply cannot afford to attend university.

The focus of this event was centred around transport, and the broad and exciting opportunities to join the transport industry.  Caitlin and Evelyn provided insights into their experiences working in the transport industry and highlighted the interesting projects they have worked on/are working on.  Another guest speaker, Aditi Sachdeva (Department of Transport) also spoke about her experiences and delivered some important advice on the importance of being yourself “You are your own superpower… own it”.

The second part of the evening consisted of pizza and networking, it was inspiring to hear different stories and successes of the women in the room.

Thank you to Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation for the opportunity to attend this event, and to all the inspiring women who made it a great night!