Mapping the future – Navigating the Digital Landscape with SRLA

In recognition of ITS World Congress 2023, Young Transport Professionals hosted a presentation and panel discussion with Suburban Rail Loop Authority (SRLA) to promote the research of cutting-edge technologies in the field and application of intelligent transportation systems.

In this dynamic presentation and panel discussion, SRLA delved into the intersection of digital tools and engineering excellence through the lens of the monumental Suburban Rail Loop project. The attendees gained insights into the design and delivery of transport megaprojects and the transformative power of digital technologies including their application in shaping modern infrastructure.

Young Transport Professionals had proposed a presentation from the following speakers:

  • Tom Moore – Tunnel Vision to get Chartered: He shared insights from his journey in transport engineering and megaproject delivery, emphasizing his path to achieving chartered engineer status and the prospects within the transport sector.
  • Alex Webster – Digging with Digital Tools: He had discussed his career journey and how this had assisted with his work on SRLA to establish Digital Tools within a new organization to enhance efficiency and foster collaboration to implement digital delivery.
  • Samantha Booker – On the Fast Track to Data Quality: She had leveraged BIM for optimum Asset Data collection. Her presentation contained a brief history of her career in Transport and wove in the Asset Data Collection of each of the operators and how SRLA’s use of BIM in construction would improve outcomes

This event showcased the integration of digital engineering tools in the SRL project and how these are being used to supporting project management to prepare for the future.