Get to the know the YTP Committee – Michael, Russell & Adnan

This quarter, get to know a little more about YTP Communications Coordinator, Michael Greenwood (MG); Digital Coordinator, Russell Oliver (RO); and Treasurer, Adnan Alam (AA). Michael currently works as Digital Engagement Coordinator for ARTC; Russell is currently an Integration Engineer with MTM; and Rail Systems Alliance and Adnan is a Secondary Systems Engineer at Metro Trains Melbourne. 

Michael, Russell, Adnan

Q: How many years have you been in the transport industry? 
MG: I have been in the transport industry just over two years but have worked in engagement for almost 10 years.  

RO: This year is my 4th year in the industry.  

AA: Just like RussellI have been in the transport industry for just over 4 years 

Q: What are some of your responsibilities as part of the YTP Committee?  
MG: As the Communications Coordinator I am responsible for the quarterly newsletter, sending out event invites, surveys, and all general member communication. I provide input on the content that goes out and am currently working with Russell to help with the development of the website.  

RO: As Digital Coordinator I have been responsible for administering the YTP website, creating graphics for use on your website and other media channels. 


AA: As the Treasurer, I am responsible for maintaining accurate records of the finances of YTP. This includes ensuring we meet our legal obligations as an incorporation from a financial perspectiveI am also the vice-president of YTP this year which means I help with general administration and running of YTP when required. 

Q: How did you enter the transport industry? 
MG: I moved to Australia from Scotland and never really had my eyes set on the transport industry. After about four months of being here I was offered a job with ARTC through a recruitment agency, and never looked back! I took on a full-time position and found myself absolutely loving the industry.  

RO: I entered the industry as a graduate with Rail Projects Victoria or the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority as it was known then, which was a fantastic starting point. I got to see how large projects are managed from a client/government side all the way to being onsite supervising construction activities 

AA: I joined MTM over 3 months as a 3rd year electrical engineering student looking to complete his work experience. The 3-month contract turned into a part time employment through my final year at university, followed by 2 years in the graduate program. I moved into the internal design space soon after. 

Q: What is your favourite thing about working in transport? 
MG: Learning all about Australia, the people, the rural communities, and how transportation is shaping Australia for the future. I work on the Inland Rail project so getting to understand the needs and wants of stakeholders across three states is a fantastic experience. Going out into the field and meeting people is a great perk! 

RO: I think it’s the knowledge that the projects you work will contribute to making in some way thousands or even millions of people’s lives just a little bit better by improving the way they can get to work, school or that important medical appointment on time. 

AA: For me it has always been about making a difference. I have had the opportunity to work on some major city shaping projects and Victorian firsts across the network where I am honoured to be able to have had some input which resulted in real change. While it might be recognised on a public forum, making that difference, and having that proud, “I did that” moment is my favorite thing about working in transport. 

Q: What innovations are you looking forward to in the transport industry? 
MG: I am interested in the data analytics side and how people engage with large projects. Input from the public is very important and giving an equal voice to everyone in the community is a vital step in any major project. Finding new ways to communicate and share knowledge is something I would love to see developed.  

RO: Semi and fully autonomous transport systems have the capability to make all forms of transport safer and more reliable which I think in turn will allow for more focus on the passenger experience. 

AA: With the spotlight on climate change and transitioning to cleaner fuels, I am looking forward to innovations in engine efficiencies and regenerative power resulting in a cleaner network.