Get to know the YTP Committee – Tushar Sen

Get to know a little more about YTP Treasurer Tushar Sen.

Question 1 – How long have you been involved with Young Transport Professionals? 

I first came to know about YTP through one of their networking events organised just when I was out of Uni in 2019. I finally mustered the courage to nominate myself for the committee board in 2021 and have been contributing as a treasurer for the team.

Question 2 – What is the most exciting project you have worked on?

I have been working in the major transport industry for the past 3 years now since finishing my master’s in 2019. I have been working with RPV for almost 3 years on the Melbourne Airport Rail. It is the largest single project I have worked on.

Question 3 – What have you enjoyed the most about being on the Young Transport Professionals Committee?

YTP gives me the opportunity to connect with professionals of similar experience in the same sector and learn about the latest trends and project developments being undertaken in Australia.  Being on the YTP committee has allowed me to better my skills when I interact with other working professionals in the transport/infrastructure industry. But the learning has gone both ways, I have learnt being part of the committee and the group how to improve my communication skills, on keeping up with the latest techniques and practices followed in other consultancies and company and bring it back to my organisation and create a synergy of data and practices between YTP and my organisation.

Question 4 – What do you do outside of work to relax and have fun?  

I like socialising on the weekend and exploring new towns around Victoria. During the weekdays, I go for a run in the morning along the Yarra River and spend my late evenings at the gym doing strength training. I have recently picked up an interest in ancient mythology and have been reading Mahabharat which comes from my own culture.

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