Get to know the YTP Committee – James & Andrew

This quarter, get to know a little more about YTP Secretary, James Aloi (JA), and YTP Membership Coordinator, Andrew Chan (AC). James currently works as a Traffic Engineer at Cardno while Andrew is a Development Engineer at Siemens Mobility.

Left - James Aloi, Right - Andrew Chan
Left – James Aloi, Right – Andrew Chan

QHow many years have you been in the transport industry?
JA: Two and a half years.
AC: 4 years.

QWhat do are some of your responsibilities as part of the YTP Committee? 
JA: As Secretary, I organise and take notes during meetings, create agendas and circulate minutes. As well, I allocate tasks to the Committee, keep track of the group’s file system and organise the yearly calendar.
AC: As Membership Coordinator, I work with the team in managing our membership database and work on improving the retention and growth of our membership base.

QHow did you enter the transport industry? 
JA: I first started working in the transport industry as a voluntary intern for the City of Whittlesea in their Traffic & Transport team back in April of 2018. From there, I then took a 12-week internship in the Highways Team at Arup
AC: I started my journey in transport when I started my cadetship with Transport for NSW in my penultimate year of university. I dived even deeper into the industry when I made the decision to write my thesis on track circuit monitoring, which eventually led to my move to Melbourne to join the PLM team at Siemens Mobility.

QWhat is your favorite thing about working in transport?
JA: At Cardno, I work on a really wide range of projects, ranging from single dwelling developments, 400+ dwelling developments, retail, commercial, industrial, intersection modelling, transport planning and so on. In just over a year at Cardno, I have been involved with 70+ different projects, meaning that I’m kept on my toes quite a bit, and hardly ever get bored. Every single job is different!
AC: Technology! In particular, the rail industry is known for the criticality in ensuring that the systems behind its operation are secure and safe. There are many exciting technologies that have yet to be implemented to further drive value to transport operators and user alike.

QWhat innovations are you looking forward to in the transport industry?
JA: Personally, I’m looking forward to getting more involved in the analysis and planning of sustainable and active transport. Already there is a major shift towards reducing the amount of car parking provided within developments, but this needs to be completed in tandem with large scale, high quality and interconnected active and sustainable transport networks.
AC: We have seen the importance of data in understanding the world around us (particularly with COVID). As we learn to better capture and understand this data, I expect a shift in the way that we access and use transport. ‘Smart’ sensors on ‘smart’ infrastructure that is developed by ‘smart’ people to enable ‘smart’ cities. Watch this space.