Get know the committee – Caroline, Edward, Jun

Get to know the YTP Committee – Caroline, Edward, Jun 

This quarter, get to know a little more about YTP Event Coordinator, Caroline Lieu (CL); Event Coordinator, Edward Wright (EW); and Membership Engagement Coordinator, Jun Tang (JT). Caroline currently works as a Technical Lead at MTM; Edward is currently a Commercial Graduate at LXRP; and Jun is a Network Interface and Assurance Engineer at DOT. 

Q: How many years have you been in the transport industry?
CL: I’ve been in the industry for just over 2.5 years. 

EW: This year is my 2nd year in the transport industry. 

JT: This year will be my 2nd year in the industry. 

Q: What are some of your responsibilities as part of the YTP Committee?  
CL: As an event co-ordinator, I work alongside Ed to plan and host events for you, our members. Our responsibilities include various tasks ranging from planning the event, to working behind the scenes on the day of the event, through to writing event wrap-ups after an event. 

EW: As one of the event coordinators, I work with Caroline to organise some of our events/initiatives that our members enjoy such as barefoot bowls and the virtual coffee catch ups to name a few.  

JT: Being the membership engagement coordinator, I have been responsible for constructing the surveys, and analysing the members feedback to help provide input to the committee to tailor our events and direction to give our best for members. 

Q: How did you enter the transport industry?  
CL: I considered a career in the transport industry after noticing a sudden peak in rail related projects in Victoria. However, not knowing a huge amount about the rail industry, I wanted to start as a graduate and was thankful I was able to be on the MTM graduate program as it gave me exposure to various parts of the business. 

EW: I entered the industry in the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority’s (MTIA) Big Build graduate program. I joined the commercial team at the Level Crossing Removal Project and have worked on a diverse range of different projects. My first on the ground experience was at the Werribee St Level Crossing Removal Project where I worked as a contract administrator for part of my graduate rotation.   

JT: I entered the transport industry through a graduate opportunity at DoT. From this position I was able to witness how projects are managed from a client/government perspective. 

Q: What is your favourite thing about working in transport? 
CL: My favourite part about working in transport is having the opportunity to assist in improving the experience of it for our passengers. My family and friends all use trains to get around Melbourne, and being able to make a positive difference for them is great. I also love the balance of being able to work in the office as well as being able to go on site to see things in person. 

EW: My favourite thing about working in transport is the diversity of experience you get in the industry. There are so many subject matter experts out there and you get exposure to a diverse range of topics and issues that you wouldn’t if you just researched them. It’s these firsthand experiences with a range of different people that make it really interesting and different to what I’ve worked on in the past 

JT: Understanding the intricacies and cogs that help move world, Australia and the community would be one of the joys of this industry. Allowing for ability to improve the networks performance, safety and reliability whilst meeting an equilibrium with various forms of travel. The feeling of helping another individual arrive to their destination faster, safer, and happier than before is what keeps me going in transport. 


Q: What innovations are you looking forward to in the transport industry?
CL: With a concern on plastic wastes, I’m hoping that we can find more ways to recycle and incorporate it into transport related assets and equipment. In addition, I’m interested in seeing more innovative equipment for on-site staff that can be used to assist in the planning of maintenance, renewal and reactive works. 

EW: The transition to semi and autonomous vehicles. Even now when I drive past a truck on the road, I think about how long it will be until that truck is unmanned. I really think it has the potential to revolutionise logistics and the transport industry. 5G and 6G technology will really propel this forward and I just find it mind-boggling how rapidly change occurs in the transport technology industry.  

JT: I am paying a keen attention on the innovations and developments in space exploration industry, as it seems to be an area that will experience rapid interest and growth these coming decades. Additionally, would like to see how sustainability with electric vehicles meets a compromise with automotive enthusiasts.