World Youth Skills Day

On 13th of July, we had the privilege of hosting an engaging and interactive Q&A session at Arup Melbourne office in celebration of World Youth Skills Day. The event brought together a diverse group of young transport individuals and industry experts who are passionate about empowering youth and equipping them with the necessary skills for a successful future.  

Throughout the event, we explored various aspects of skills development, career guidance, and the challenges faced by young people in today’s rapidly changing world. Our esteemed panel of speakers, including Rachel Nicholls, Zac Cvitkovic, James Attenborough and Fiona Nguyen shared their expertise and provided valuable insights on but not limited to the following topics: 

  • The importance of skills development and how they assist along the journey 
  • Strategies to conquer setbacks and utilize the experience to shape your career development  
  • The power of branding by showing your capabilities genuinely  
  • The role of mentorship and guidance in empowering young individuals to achieve their goals. 

The Q&A session was particularly dynamic, with attendees actively participating by asking thought-provoking questions and engaging in meaningful discussions with the panelists. The event fostered a collaborative environment that allowed for the exchange of ideas and experiences, creating a valuable learning platform for everyone involved. 

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our esteemed panelists for sharing their expertise and insights. Their contributions were instrumental in making the event a resounding success. 

Young Transport Professionals would like to say thank you to our industry partners Aurecon Jacobs Mott McDonald (AJM-JV), AECOM, Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM), Victoria Department of Transport and Planning, Egis and Suburban Rail Loop Authority (SLRA). Without them we could not organise this event to create this fun and valuable event to highlight the importance of World Youth Skills Day.  

Lastly, we would like to thank each and every one of you who attended the World Youth Skills Day Q&A event. We hope that you found the event informative and inspiring, and that it provided you with valuable insights into the world of skills development and career advancement. 

Please check your email for the post-event survey if you haven’t done so. Your feedback is important to us as it assists us with improving our events and creating opportunities to provide the events you would like to see more of.  

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