Shaping Transport Superhubs

Young Transport Professionals (YTP) organised an interactive workshop on the topic of Shaping Transport Superhubs. This event was facilitated by Gillian Austin from Aurecon, John Richardson from Jacobs, Peter Nicholls and Daniel Ding from Metro Trains Melbourne.

This event was inspired by Victoria’s Big Build Program. Projects such as Level Crossing Removals, Metro Tunnel, Melbourne Airport Rail and Suburban Rail Loop will have long-lasting impacts on inter-model transport, including the facilitation of safer and more sustainable user travel movements.

The key elements of a Superhub should include inter-model transport connections to the surrounding landscape, future development opportunities, efficient access to key destinations, improved amenities, and implementation of environmental and sustainable architecture.

The participants were split into groups and provided 30 mins to redesign Geelong Station into a Superhub using the facilitator’s guidance, industry experience and creativity. Each group presented their solution to the facilitators which were judged, and the facilitators selected a winner for the task. Congratulations to “Quick Bites” who were the winners!

The evening concluded with professional networking, where the participants and facilitators continued to discuss Transport Superhubs and connected with like-minded young professionals outside their organisations.

Thank you to our Industry Partners, Subject Matter Experts, Venues and participants for making this an informative and fun event.