CORE 2021 Conference Review 

The Railway Technical Society of Australasia (RTSA) hosted the 15th edition of the Conference on Railway Excellence (CORE) 2021 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre in Western Australia. The conference was held over the week of 21st June till the 23rd of June 2021. The theme of CORE 2021 revolved around Collaborating to Master Complexity. The event was enabled by key sponsorships from the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) and Public Transport Authority (PTA). 

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A day in the life with: Bruno Da Silva – Deputy Integration Manager at Rail Systems Alliance

Who are you and what is your role, and what is the project you are working on?

I am Bruno DA SILVA, RSA’s deputy integration manager. My role consists in ensuring that the overall RSA System is technically sound and delivers the adequate level of functionalities to the end users.

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Get know the committee – Caroline, Edward, Jun

Get to know the YTP Committee – Caroline, Edward, Jun 

This quarter, get to know a little more about YTP Event Coordinator, Caroline Lieu (CL); Event Coordinator, Edward Wright (EW); and Membership Engagement Coordinator, Jun Tang (JT). Caroline currently works as a Technical Lead at MTM; Edward is currently a Commercial Graduate at LXRP; and Jun is a Network Interface and Assurance Engineer at DOT. 

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The Road to Zero Emissions – Panel Discussion 

YTP, with sponsorship from Siemens, hosted an online panel discussion on the transport industry’s transition to a more sustainable future. Our panelists, Olivia Laskowski, Warner Priest and Jaad Clifford-Bolt with Natasha Santha as the moderator, discussed a variety of different topics including electric vehicle manufacturing and management, hydrogen powered vehicles, and developments in sustainable transport infrastructure.  

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